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Transit Video Done Right…and Wrong!


I recently watched and tweeted about a pretty cool Chicago transit informational video by the Duke & The Duck. You can see their “From the Suburbs to Chicago” video here:

That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh…

I like it! Uh huh, uh huh! This video did a great job of describing how to make the best use of the Chicago transit system. The voice-over narration, animation, and sound effects all maintain the viewer’s attention. Also, there was an upbeat little musical intro to set the tone, and then an outro to send you whistling on your way.

After watching this Duke & The Duck video, I remembered another video that I had seen about a year ago. This one was by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Night and day people. Night and day.

Another WMATA #Fail

The good old WMATA released a video which appeared to be intended to frighten small children. The official stance, however, was that the video was to promote their then new Next Train service. You decide:

In case you think I’m making this all up, here’s the actual link to the News Release section of the WMATA web site – http://www.wmata.com/about_metro/news/PressReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=4625

When I saw this, I actually thought that I was watching a bootleg of the 2002 horror movie ‘The Ring’. I kept expecting the little girl to climb out of the well. After seeing this Metrorail Next Train video, I had a few questions.

1.“What the hell is this $h!T!”
2.“Why does it look like the daughter was clocked in the head and is bleeding green blood profusely down her head and neck?”
3.“This got approved, what did the rejected videos look like?”
4.“What the hell is this $h!T!”

Seriously, when the mother got out of her chair at the end, I half expected her to disappear in a puff of smoke or transform into a gargoyle and fly away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I applaud WMATA’s attempt to reduce the costs passed on to consumers by having an employee’s 2nd grader create this video. It’s just that sometimes…sometimes, you might want to put your best foot forward. Like, for instance…when you service the capital of say…The United States of America!

They would have been better off just dubbing over two minutes of an old Reboot episode instead of trying to force a video out of what appears to be The Sims Leftover Background Scraps Edition.

Perhaps the next time WMATA wants a cool informative video, they’ll contact The Duke and the Duck.

Here’s that contact info:

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